Escape into nature during uncertain times

I made a promise yesterday that I’d take myself on a walk somewhere not to far from my house and away from people, just on my own, with no phone, not even a book. It was a pocket-sized and simple form of self love that I found highly impactful during these mad times and kept me grounded and mostly calm for the duration of my day.

About 10 minutes from my home there is a short trail that leads you to a small waterfall. It’s not maintained during the winter so its pretty slippy slidey and obviously I had the most unpractical boots on but this just added to my morning childlike adventure. After falling on my ass a few times, I found a beautiful, secluded spot on a bench where I could see Mount Rundle straight in front of me, the Bow Falls to my left and the Fairmont Banff Springs to my right. The sun was beaming down on my face in a way that I haven’t felt for almost five months and I could hear the water rushing under the half frozen river; I filled my lungs up with clean, fresh mountain air and told myself that everything was going to be alright.

I’m not nearly grateful enough about how fortunate I am to have such beauty as my backyard, however, no matter where you are in the world, if you can get access to move your body somewhere outdoors where you are able to just be, I would seriously encourage it. When I was still living with my parents, my sister and I would go for an hours walk every week through our local country park. It was the most perfect escape because when you look in every single direction and all you see is trees, you could be anywhere in the world. And right there in that moment you find solace and stillness.

Right now, we should all be practicing social distancing if we are not in quarantine. It’s something that can be difficult for a bunch of different reasons. However, for the sake of your wellbeing and mental health, take yourself out, drive to a local beach, walk to that local little forrest, canal or park. Hopefully after this pandemic blows over, and our world, economies and hearts heal we can start living more in-sync with the planet and with nature. There are lessons to be learned from this, and there are changes that will need to happen. Until then, stay safe and healthy.





2 Replies to “Escape into nature during uncertain times”

  1. So glad you enjoyed your time out in nature! 💚 I’ve been loving just standing outside myself – I appreciate the breeze, comfortable temperatures, and my view of the sky more than I ever have in my life 😊


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