Living your best life or just trying your best?

Last week I came back from an amazing week long trip in California. It started and ended in Los Angeles, while we explored some surrounding areas like Venice, Santa Monica, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks and Malibu, in-between.

Along with an amazing holiday and the ‘Digital Age’comes lots of Instagram stories and intensely edited photos, of course. I try not to take my ‘gram’ too seriously, I won’t schedule my posts for the ‘perfect’ time so that everyone sees it and I’m not going to edit or apologise for my bum-cellulite either – because frankly I just don’t care enough anymore. I’m trying to look at my body in a different way, because I’m guilty of sexualising it myself just as much as the rest of the world.

Social media, influencers and all that jazz have been around long enough now for us to know that the content that we see are only the highlights and best bits of everyones lives – however, it’s still difficult to pull your head out of that bubble and remind yourself that it’s not real, and you’re not missing out. It’s almost intoxicating; you feel drunk off of other peoples material things and experiences and you want for something that never would have crossed your mind until you saw that picture while scrolling at 2am.

BUT the person who just got a dream promotion might also have a dying relative, the couple you see travelling the world together could have experienced something traumatic and the beautiful girl who has hundreds of luxurious products sent to her monthly might just have an eating disorder. It’s morbid to even think that, yes, but could it possibly be the only time it’s actually healthy to exercise our mind in that way? To bring us back down to earth, away from all that social media fuzz and where real life happens.

I had the inspiration to write this mainly because those 10/10 Instagram pictures can distract us and we forget to ask our friends or even ourselves, ‘are you okay?’ ‘What feels heavy for you right now?’ We assume that people are living their best lives because they went on holiday or bought a new shiny car, but the whole concept of ‘living your best life’ is complete bs and a term that was constructed purely from and for Instagram – in fact, we are all just simply trying our best. I’m highlighting Instagram in particular because on platforms like Twitter we seem to be a lot more open and truthful.

So, I think I’ve reached a point where I might actually try to shake up my Instagram, and be a little more human and raw, and I thank those people who are already on this train for giving me something to consider. 

Well, it’s one of those nights again where I think I’m Carrie Bradshaw but with less shoes and more height and now it’s time for bed, but let me know your thoughts…


One Reply to “Living your best life or just trying your best?”

  1. Omg babe I couldn’t agree more. It’s funny how even though we’re all sharing the best part of our lives on Instagram, we never actually think that the people we compare ourselves everyday have real life problems too. I could talk about this for ages but you put all my thought into the perfect post thanks you!


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