Falling for You

I’m in love. How beautiful are these landscapes where it’s winter up in the mountains but autumn amongst the trees? Where the air is so fresh but not too cold and all you can hear is the leaves rustling from just a slight wind. I’ve never seen anything quite like it…


This was possibly my favourite hike that I’ve done in Canada so far. You’re able to do it at any time from spring however during autumn, when the larches start to turn, it’s breathtaking.

The trail begins at the bottom of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park (the bright turquoise one with all the green trees that you’ve probably seen on Instagram). We had to leave at 4.30am to guarantee a spot at the car park because the lake and trail have become so popular over the past few years…there was still only 5 spots available when we arrived! Despite the early wake up call, it did give us the opportunity to watch the sunrise over Moraine and let the candy floss pink sky distract us from how cold and tired we were.

We headed to the trail just after 8am. The majority of the hike is switchbacks within the forest and you gain a lot of elevation in a short amount of time, so it’s not particularly enjoyable, however, when you finally reach the valley and the path opens up to endless burnt orange, auburn and yellow trees with snow capped mountain peaks you forget how out of breath you are and how much your legs feel like jelly.


(Side note: not sponsored by Fjallraven, just work for them a get a good discount)


So, wherever you are in the world and especially if it’s autumn, I encourage you to get outside. Go for a walk, get out of your town, drive away from your city and go see something new. Maybe organise to go to a pumpkin patch with some friends, go to the sea-side if it’s close by or hike and climb something if it’s accessible and possible for you. I never appreciated the beauty and necessity of nature until I came to Canada. I’d see pictures online of epic mountains, golden beaches, canyons and trees that go on forever but it all just seemed so surreal and out of my reach. Until I realised that it wasn’t, no matter what anybody said to me, I just had to go out and grab it.

That’s why I fell for Canada three years ago, and why I’m so excited to spend many more years here.



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