A Change in Season with the Lone Elk

I’ve just come back from a short drive around a few of mine and Jonny’s favourite local spots in the national park. Today is definitely one of the first days where you can feel the shift between seasons in your bones. The leaves are starting to toast into beautiful yellow and auburn tones but there’s still some gorgeous greens hanging on amongst the pines.

We’re both feeling pretty tired and burned out from our work week so we decided to go on a little quest for wildlife to lift our spirits – that’s what animals are best at doing and why we have to take care of them! I really want to see one more bear just before they all run away from civilisation for the winter but no bears today unfortunately.

Luckily, we did run into this big, majestic looking elk in the woods. August to October is rutting season for elk so they can get pretty aggressive around this time of year but this elk looked so at peace, having a munch amongst the trees all on his own; it was a beautiful sight and a special little moment I’ll keep in my pocket.

Today has really got me into the groove and excited for autumn (or ‘FAAALL’ as the Canadians would say). I just want to stick my favourite beanie back on, buy a pumpkin spiced latte, plan my Halloween outfit for this year and set myself a goal to achieve before winter. It’s funny how when the seasons change it can be a huge behavioural motivator for us. Like ‘over the next two months, I want to read five books’ or ‘I want to learn how to make really yummy and warming soups’. I’m not sure what mine is yet but I am kind of digging the soup thing now that I’ve written it down. So if you have any vegan recipes you’d like to recommend please send them my way. I also have a couple of hikes planned before I leave for Los Angeles in October and they’re completely motivated by the burning desire to see the gorgeous larch trees of Alberta. I didn’t get the chance to see them last year, so this year it’s been an absolute must on the bucket list.

One last thing, what shall we name the Lone Elk?



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