Up in the Mountains, Where Everything Makes Sense


I’m not sure where to start, but I guess It’ll be right here.

Long time no blogpost; I don’t know why particularly, weather it’s due to lack of time, laziness or my mind putting a massive wall up saying ‘WHY ARE YOU EVEN DOING THIS? YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH’. Whatever it is, I’ve had just about enough.

Something that I’ve realised over the past few months is that I really, really need a hobby – (gross, I really hate the term hobby so if anyone else can suggest a different word then please do). I need to make a commitment to something that I love doing. I want to invest my time in whatever nourishes my soul, eases my mind, builds a routine and sticks a middle finger up to my anxiety disorder. I’ve tried a bunch of different things, but just too half-heartedly and it’s made me think back to a time when I did have something I committed to on a weekly basis – it was always this.

I absolutely loved planning what I wanted to write about, I adored taking pictures for my blogposts and I loved posting them online…regardless of weather no-one was going to read what I wrote.

So, during a hike a few weeks ago with a friend, I had a massive slap round the face of realisation and everything began to start making sense again. I don’t want my life to only revolve around work, even though I’m loving my current job, I NEED something to do for myself; that uplifts me. In fact it’s something that we all need. My partner always says to me that if he hadn’t had skateboarding to commit to over the past 20 years he probably would have ended up in prison. I think if I don’t continue to write and create some kind of content that I’m proud of I’ll probably slowly deteriorate away. We’re all human and we were not created to simply just work for money and go on a few nice holidays throughout the year. We’re here to learn, explore and push our boundaries – and anything that you find love in, that you want to commit to, will help you get through this crazy life with a little more ease and pleasure.

The best thing about having a hobby (I just shuddered…really need a new word), is that it could be literally anything and it’s 100% completely tailored to you. It might be volunteering, painting, fitness, starting a book club…seriously whatever! You’re incorporating something into your routine that you truly love, and there’s zero bad things that can be said about that and it can always change too. Maybe one day you’ll wake up from a intense dream and think, ‘hey, I’m gonna learn how to play the trombone. I’m gonna stick to this, and this is going to be my thing for a while’.

So what’s your trombone?





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