Camping in Jasper National Park

Long time no speak! I’m back, for anyone that’s still out there. Seven weeks in Canada and I finally feel like I’ve got my little Canadian life in order so I thought it was time to hit the Macbook and start blogging again…

Is there anything more wonderful than that first blissful shower you take after a weekend of sleeping in a tent? I feel so content right now in a clean, warm bed.

Last weekend I got to tick off another Canadian bucket list moment – probably my favourite one as of yet! Jasper is a beautiful national park in the Canadian Rockies and ideal for anyone that wants to get lost in the wilderness and see lots and lots of animals. It was my second visit there in the past year and I enjoyed it so much more camping than staying in a hostel (and obviously it’s a lot cheaper!) We camped at camp sites on both nights rather than in the back country – far too many bears around! Although rumour had it there was a black bear strolling around our sit…

We rented a car and drove up highway 93 which is one of the most magical and scenic drives in North America. There’s nothing better than hitting the road with good company, great music, surrounded by mountains, glaciers, lakes and open spaces. Be prepared for bear jams, especially if you’re on the road early in the morning or late afternoon/evening – we saw our first grizzly on our way to Jasper, a black bear on the way back and a couple of moose in-between. If you ever find yourself on this particular drive you have to make a bunch of stops along the way; Peyto, Bow and Moraine are just a few glacier-fed lakes that’ll leave you speechless.

Peyto Lake

A cool thing about Jasper is that it’s much smaller and quieter than Banff, which can get pretty overwhelming at times so it’s really the perfect place to get out in the sticks and recharge. My mind definitely feels a lot clearer from it. There’s a handful of activities to do in town but the main attraction of the national park is it’s wild, wild beauty.

Our first full day was spent at Maligne Lake, probably the most well known lake in Jasper and one that I didn’t manage to see last year so I was extra excited for this one! I’m lucky enough to work for a company that provided us with a cruise that takes you out through the lake and onto Spirit Island. The tours are such a great opportunity to learn about the surrounding mountains and the First Nations and even though the weather was wet and awful, it gave the Island a real eerie look and feel which I loved.

Spirit Island

The whole weekend was totally worth looking and feeling like a hobo for. If you ever find yourself in Banff, Canmore, Calgary or any other surrounding areas I’d definitely say to park up your tent, your warmest sleeping bags and make your way up to Jasper.


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