Toronto in four days

My first experience on the east coast of Canada has been Toronto! I’ve spent the last three/four days here, doing a mix of touristy things and just getting lost in the city to see what I can stumble upon.

The first full day I went to the CN tower, it was around $40 to go up the tower. You can grab a coffee and spend as long as you want up there and the views are pretty stunning – a glistening concrete jungle with the Toronto Islands in the distance – but it’s definitely over priced and something that tourists do because of it being the main attraction in the city. You can also pay $120+ to do the Skywalk but honestly I wasn’t willing to spend so much money just to hang off of a building.


After the tower I walked around the city looking for anything that’d catch my eye…and I was in luck! I found Kensington Market, a super cool, edgy market packed with loads of funky thrift stores. It’s a great little gem for anyone that has a vegan or vegetarian diet and is looking for a decent meal that isn’t just fries. So I would definitely recommend! It kind of reminded me of Camden and Shoreditch in London.


Just off of Kensington Market I found Graffiti Alley, which is really cool and perfect for anyone that’s on an Instagram mission and looking to take some great shots. There’s heaps of artwork all throughout the different alleys that are really interesting to look at and most of them have tags so you can find the artist online. I’ve always really liked graffiti so I found it quite fun! If you don’t want to go on your own you can book a free tour online of the alley.


The third day I spent at Niagara Falls with a tour which was incredible and a satisfying tick off of the bucket list. Beautiful, epic and very very wet.


I definitely struck gold with the hostel I chose to stay at. Everyone was so friendly and likeminded so I ended up spending the last day with an Australian girl (and fellow coffee lover) from my room. We explored Toronto looking for coffee shops and trying out different coffee. Jimmy’s was definitely my favourite! The coffee was great and I just fall in love with anything that has an old Hollywood aesthetic.

Here I am drinking a hot cuppa’ joe with all the best Jimmy’s…


Toronto is definitely a lovely city, I just don’t think I would visit again. It reminded me a lot of London but nowhere near as beautiful and exciting. If you’re looking for a city that’s going to really WOW you in Canada then Vancouver is the one, especially during the summer time.





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