I moved to Canada!

I did it! I moved to Canada. I’m only three days in but the hard part is over…(I hope). You know the goodbyes will be hard, but you never realise how tough they actually are until you’re walking through security at the airport, the first moment of complete solitude, blinded by your own tears. I definitely didn’t buy a pair of new Ray Ban’s to hide my puffy eyes…

But here I am! I spent eight hours in the air listening to Drake, preparing myself for a boujee landing at Toronto Pearson Airport. It took about three hours to get my official visa after standing in five different queues, and then I found out that my baggage had been lost. After trying to keep calm and asking three members of staff if they knew where it could be and being told “no but good luck, hope you find it!”, I cried for half an hour in the corner of the baggage room on the phone to my best friend, with about 50 French people shouting all around me (who had also lost their suitcases). I just thought “this is it, this is the moment, the fuck up, everything has gone far too smoothly so far”.

After an hour I finally found my case! I RAN out of that airport, jumped into the first taxi I saw and had the nicest driver. It was about an hours drive to my hostel so we talked LOADS. He told me about how much he loves to eat “fresh” chicken and I told him about all my ex-boyfriends. That’s just how it goes.

The past few days have been wonderful. I’m writing a blogpost about the kind of things I’ve gotten up to in Toronto and what I think of the city. It all doesn’t feel so real yet, I feel like I’m just travelling and I know I’ll wake up in a few months time and think “Oh fuck right, yeah I live here now”.

I’m flying to Calgary tomorrow and then I’m back in Banff on Tuesday. SO excited to be back in those mountains…



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