Babes that brunch in London

I seriously encourage everyone and anyone to spend one day a month (at least) brunching and chatting with your favourite babes – it’s good for the mind and soul.

Two of my besties and I try to do this as often as we can afford. Sometimes that could be a few times a month, other times we might have to wait over a month. But the food, the coffee and the company is always worth the wait. We also usually always brunch on a Tuesday. I don’t know if you’ve heard but it’s actually the new Friday. Our version of ‘On Wednesday’s we wear pink’ is ‘On Tuesday’s we brunch!’ – we’re getting t-shirts made.

Aside from brunch being the best meal of the day, especially when it’s served with the tastiest coffee, spending a morning with your closest friends to catch up and laugh is so detoxing. You can discuss the serious shit in your life, the funny shit and the sexy shit.

Since this new millennial-wave of brunching being cool, a bunch of new and cute places have been popping up around London. There are so many little hidden gems which can be found either on Instagram or while getting lost and amongst the city.

We recently went back to our favourite brunch place Palm Vaults. It’s the pretty-in-pink cafe that serves lavender and rose lattes which I mentioned in my ‘A whole lotta love’ post. And on the way there we discovered Cafe Miami, the coooooolest Miami-esque restaurant with the fluffiest pancakes. If you close your eyes real hard you can almost smell Miami beach right in the heart of Clapton…

I think I’ll be doing a post featuring my top five restaurants to brunch in London – I think we really do go to the BEST little places. Would people be interested by this? And if anybody has any recommendations please comment!




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