I changed my lifestyle so I could afford to travel

Travelling is one of the most desired things to do by humanity but it’s also one of the most expensive. We have this attitude that it can be done by anyone anywhere, but a lot of the time money is the key reason why someone hasn’t traveled or never even been abroad.

Here’s a list of ways that I changed my life around (that have actually worked for me), in the lead up to jetting away in two months time.

£ I make myself lunch for work

So basic, but so effective. I used to buy myself lunch for work on every single shift which would cost me anywhere between £5 – £7 (maybe even more if I bought a Starbucks too). Now I always make myself lunch at home and if I do buy something on the odd occasion it feels like such a wonderful treat.

£ I set myself a solid figure to put into my savings every payday

When I decided that I was going to quit my job and move abroad to travel and work I set myself a rough date for when I wanted to have left by and a figure of how much money I wanted by that date. Since then I’ve put a particular sum of money in my savings every month, no matter what. Sometimes that means missing out on a friends birthday, a big night out or seeing a live band.

£ I de-cluttered my room

I spent a day or two going through all of my clothes, makeup and any other belongings in and around my space. Anything that I found that was of value which I had neglected and didn’t need, I sold on eBay. There was so much jewellery and clothing in my room which I never wore and I managed to get rid of it for some extra dollar to add to the pot.

£ I’m smart with my monthly bills

I keep a list in my Notes app of all the direct debits and bills that come out of my account every month (the date and amount). This means that I’m prepared for the following month after pay day and I’m not going to find myself having to take money from my savings account.

£ I grab at every shift I can

If you’re like me and you work part-time but have the opportunity to pick up extra shifts – then do it! Being a supervisor for LUSH Cosmetics, I’m fortunate enough that I can help out other stores in and around London if they’re in need of any management cover. It’s tiring but I enjoy doing it, and it means my pay check is a lot fatter at the end of the month…so win win! If I didn’t have this opportunity then I would have definitely tried to find a second job to fit around LUSH.

£ I stopped indulging 

I had a look through my bank statement and analysed what I spent so much of my money on last year. I didn’t even really have much to show for it. Food, Starbucks, alcohol and ASOS were recurring trends (literally I am so basic), so I cut them down or out. It was difficult, especially clothing. I love indulging and spending money on new outfits but  it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

£ I stopped watching Youtube hauls 

They’re seriously so dangerous. I’d watch a video about skincare and end up spending £35 on a facial cleanser that was completely unnecessary to my life. I don’t think watching these videos so casually is beneficial at all and I feel so much better since I’ve stopped. I’ll only watch creative stuff now, something which I learn from.

I’ve made a lot of tiny and big changes in my life to be able to book that one way flight to Toronto in May. It’s difficult having to say no to going out or cutting down on a habit, and living near London, there’s literally a Starbucks that taunts me on EVERY CORNER. I still treat myself every now and again, I think it’s important and it’s extra special when you haven’t done so in a long time. Whenever I do feel weak and like having a massive splurge I just look at my countdown app and remind myself of why I’m doing this.  You gotta do what you gotta do.

I’d love to know what your travel saving tips are! What’s worked for you personally?



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