How to enforce Girl Power in your day to day life

The last two years have seen a powerful rise in the liberation of women; we’re all completely done with the patriarchy and ready to tear it down with full force and our bra’s blazing.

The first signs of the women’s movement date all the way back to the 1800’s, since then, we’ve seen women from all over the globe fight for their right to be seen and treated as equals in society.

To honour the bravery of the women before us we must follow in their footprints and not be afraid to say enough is enough. There are many passionate women and men who participate in activism, proudly and loudly to help evolve our society. However, this can seem quite daunting to some of us. Not everyone has the confidence to stand proud in large groups (or solo) and vocalise their anger and frustration with society. The small changes we make day to day are just as important for creating spaces and a culture where our lives aren’t determined by our gender, so here’s a little list of how you can enforce Girl Power!

♥ Complement each other on something other than looks

It’s great that women are now learning to not see each other as competition but rather validate and praise one another instead. However, too many women have and still do value themselves by whats deemed as beautiful in society. Obviously it’s amazing to tell people that they look gorgeous, sexy and that their hair looks great, but be conscious that that’s not the only thing you’re saying.

If you think that a particular women you know is intelligent, a great leader…tell them. Do you find their motivation at work contagious? Tell them. Maybe they have great taste in music? Tell them!

♥ Consider the books, films, brands and businesses you invest in

There are so many films made by women, books written by women, female comedians, musicians, female-led businesses and brands (the list goes on) that are incredible but do not receive the recognition they deserve because their platform would rather shed the limelight on a man. So the next time you plan a movie night, instead of watching another Hollywood film produced and directed by men, why not stick one on that was created by women?

♥ Call people out on their sexism

This can be difficult, especially in the workplace or even if it comes from a friend. However, there are various ways you can approach the situation. Some people need to be called out straight away, others you can speak to privately – ask them why they thought such a comment was okay to say and tell them how it made you feel. Most importantly don’t laugh at sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic jokes – it’s just not cool. Your silence will speak for itself.

♥ Don’t gossip and respect that each woman wants to live her life her way

Some women want to be house wives, lots of women don’t want children at all, some want to focus on building their career, some women take their clothes off for money and other women choose to wear a hijab every day. Whichever life they choose to lead that makes them feel empowered, don’t judge. The beauty of feminism is that it embraces the notion of choice and we are so fortunate to be able to make those choices.

Stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores 

Tina Fey said once, and I’ll say it again. It’s pretty simple, there is no place for these words, or any other term that belittles, humiliates and hurts a woman for being sexually active.

♥ Wear your favourite feminist tee 

This is a personal little favourite I like to embrace. My ‘feminist merch’ collection is growing by the week and wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Don’t tell me to smile’ or ‘Not your baby’ just makes me feel like I can conquer the world. There are plenty of female-owned independent brands that you can find on Instagram and Etsy who sell cute, statement clothing.

These tiny changes that we can all make could have a huge cultural affect on the treatment of women. And don’t forget, we’re all Girl Bosses in our own way.









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  1. hello, beautiful! i read your latest! i hope you’re feeling better now! you’re one beautiful lady! smile, and oh how beautiful would you look? take care, love!

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