The ultimate Canadian bucket list

Thought I’d accumulate a Canadian bucket list seeing as I’ll be living there for for a while.

The best part about making lists is the absolute satisfying feeling of ticking them away, one little goal at a time. Not only do they make you feel like you’ve got your shit together in your day-to-day life, but they’re a great way to make those big dreams and goals, which may seem so far from where you’re at, not so unachievable.

One day I’d love to hike the Grand Canyon on New Years Eve and watch the sun rise into the new year. That’s a huge, dreamy bucket-list experience that seems so surreal right now while I’m sitting in my bedroom in a little grey town in England; but if I write it down, it’ll always be there teasing me until I finally book that flight and grab my hiking shoes.

So here’s my not-so-little list of memories I’d like to make in Canada. Lets see how much I get done eh…

  • Learn how to snowboard! (My number one goal)
  • Downhill mountain biking in Whistler
  • Try vegan poutine
  • Visit the Niagara Falls
  • Experience the Northern Lights in Banff
  • Get lost in Toronto
  • Go to a hockey game!
  • See a bear
  • Party to Drake in Toronto (I LOVE Drake)
  • Attend the Calgary Stampede this summer
  • Hire a raft and float down Bow Lake in summer time towards Banff
  • Try something from Beaver Tails
  • Get lost in the back country in Alberta
  • Canoe on Lake Louise
  • Ice skate at Lake Louise
  • Experience the New Years Eve street party in Banff
  • Bike around Stanley Park in Vancouver
  • Try downhill longboarding
  • Go to the Harry Potter themed bar in Toronto
  • AND the Nutella Cafe
  • Take beautiful pictures of The Sleeping Giant in Ontario
  • Check out the Brandywine Falls in Whistler
  • Relax at the Keyhole hot springs
  • See the Rock Pools in Nova Scotia
  • Go on a polar bear adventure in Manitoba
  • Visit the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta

If anyone has any suggestions of what I should add then please let me know! What’s the best goal you’ve ticked off of your personal bucket list?


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