A whole lotta love


On a cold, grey, London day in January I felt stuck in time, and truly thought we would never break out of this thirty-one day hellhole that 2017 had blasted us into. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but I don’t think so, those days just went on and on.

Waking up on February 1st was a pure blessing; life smelt sweeter, sexier and I was looking at the world through a dusty pink haze.

This month I’ve shaken off those January blues and embraced all the love I can, including self-love. I’m going to the gym often, eating so much healthier (aside from all the half-price chocolate I had around V-day) (oh and the peanut butter milkshake on Galentine’s) and I’m trying to be a hell of a lot more grateful for the love I have in my life.

Too often when February rolls round we get gloomy about being alone, or not being alone but feeling alone. Fresh roses start sprouting in our local stores, everything moulds itself into a heart shape and 50 Shades of Grey posters prop up left, right and centre (apparently he’s finally made her climax) We’re reminded, fuck – I am literally the last single person left on this planet.

You’re not – and you sure don’t need a significant other to embrace love; it comes in all forms, acts and behaviours. Valentine’s is just as much about telling your mum you absolutely adore her, as it is about telling your romantic partner. It’s about making a complete strangers day by validating how gorgeous they look, its about giving.

But most importantly it’s about Galentine’s! God bless Amy Poehler for inventing this wonderful day. That’s right, if you missed it girls put it in your calendar for next year in hot pink writing. February 13th; a day for women to brunch, drink cocktails, buy each other gifts we would never ever buy for ourselves and tell one another how beautiful, sexy, intelligent and incredible we are. This year me and two gal pals went to Palm Vaults, the cutest coffee shop in London Town; a day full of pink lattes, tasty babe cakes and a whole lotta love.





One Reply to “A whole lotta love”

  1. Yes babe! There’s a whole lot more of love that’s coming your way! In different forms, acts & kindess. This is the best thing to read over dreamy pink lattes 💗 You’re so cool 🌟

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