The Forgotten Women of Westeros

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And no not Daenerys et al.

If you read my previous post you’ll know how obsessed I am with Game of Thrones (I’ve got a hoody from Primark to prove it). I’m still hyping over the season six finale and I will probably, most definitely, be very emotional on Monday morning because there will be no new episode to watch. SO, I thought I’d milk the hype EVEN more and do a post about the show.

I’m all over the fan theories that people have been writing on social media but my brain does not work that well to think up one of those. So this is a post about the ladies of the land, the forgotten women of westeros.

Obviously I love Daenerys (she is our Queen), Cersie’s drive is inspirational, Arya is pretty unhinged but badass and I guess Sansa’s alright. But what about all the other women who are cracking on and fighting for their cause?




All Hail the Queen of the Iron Islands! (Well, hopefully)

From the moment we see this character on screen we know she’s badass – even though she’s not introduced to us as a Greyjoy. Remember that horrifying look on Theon’s face when he realises he’s just seduced his sister? Awkward.
Her father raised her like a son, which is very unusual within this patriarchal world. She proves to be stronger, wittier and a better leader than her younger brother. After Theon is captured by House Bolton in season two, we see Yara gather fifty of the Isles best killers to  rescue him, despite her feelings towards him and his foolish actions. These men respect her, they fight for her and almost see her as an equal.
Lets talk about season six. After the murder of Yara and Theon’s father, Yara makes it clear that his death will be avenged and with the support of her brother, announces that she will succeed her father on the Salt Throne. Unsurprisingly, this pisses a lot of men off, which leads her to sail to Queen Daenerys, where they exchange flirtatious chitchat, bitch about each others father’s and make a pact to slay together. Our Queen is lucky to have this woman by her side.




The Winter Hippy.

Meera has been brought up in the North, which has made her into a true believer of The Old Gods of the Forrest. Yes, she into her trees and frogs but she’s also a pretty fierce lady who we’ve seen courageously protect her brother Jojen and Bran Stark throughout the show. In season three, Meera holds a knife to Osha’s throat so that she’ll drop the spear she has aimed at Jojen. Osha claims that Jojen must be ashamed to have to rely on his sister for protection. Obviously no one agrees. Meera has a similar spirit to Arya Stark, but a little less psycho. In the latest season, she kills several wight walkers when the Night King comes after Bran. She is loyal to the men who need her protection and knows what must be done when winter arrives. Also, now that Hordor is no longer with us, she is going to have to carry Bran EVERYWHERE. May the Old Gods bless her.




Wildling. North of the Wall. Pledged allegiance to House Stark.

Be honest, how long did it take you to realise that she’s Tonks from Harry Potter? Because it took me a while. Osha is as wild as the wild-ladies get. She has a big spear and is ready to destroy anybody that gets in her way. She hunts, murders and uses her sexuality to seduce the men who are a threat to her, Bran and Rickon Stark. Osha plays a very important role in the discovery of who the Little Lord is and the powers he possesses. She warns Bran of the nightmares that live beyond the wall and encourages him to speak to anyone who will listen about the wight walkers. She is the true embodiment of ‘Winter is Coming’. After season three, we don’t see her again until two seasons later in ‘Book of the Stranger’. Osha attempts to seduce Ramsey Bolton in hopes of killing him, however, he proves to not be as much of an idiot as Theon Greyjoy, and well…we know how that ends.




From Slave to Sovereign.

I absolutely love Missandei. She brings a calm and crisp, but firm presence to the show. Her journey from being a slave to the Queen’s Handmaiden and a key contributor to the Small Council is heartening. Her strength comes from her mind as she teaches the people around her about the history of The Seven Kingdoms. Missandei’s wisdom reaches out to Daenerys, Tyrion Lannister and of course Grey Worm – who begins to swoon over her when she starts teaching him the common tongue. She’s an important woman for Daenerys to have by her side and her character is a perfect representation of the beauty that comes from the female brain. Although she is absolutely gorgeous, her inner abilities are effectively portrayed and we watch her grow in strength each season. Her knowledge has gotten the Queen far and will continue to do so when they finally arrive at King’s Landing. Cersie may know a little about wildfire but she ain’t got nothing on Missandei. Valar morghulis.


Let me know which other women of Westeros need recognition!



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