Living your best life or just trying your best?

Last week I came back from an amazing week long trip in California. It started and ended in Los Angeles, while we explored some surrounding areas like Venice, Santa Monica, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks and Malibu, in-between. Along with an amazing holiday and the 'Digital Age', comes lots of Instagram stories and intensely edited photos, of … Continue reading Living your best life or just trying your best?

Falling for You

I'm in love. How beautiful are these landscapes where it's winter up in the mountains but autumn amongst the trees? Where the air is so fresh but not too cold and all you can hear is the leaves rustling from just a slight wind. I've never seen anything quite like it... This was possibly my … Continue reading Falling for You

A Change in Season with the Lone Elk

I've just come back from a short drive around a few of mine and Jonny's favourite local spots in the national park. Today is definitely one of the first days where you can feel the shift between seasons in your bones. The leaves are starting to toast into beautiful yellow and auburn tones but there's … Continue reading A Change in Season with the Lone Elk

The best of the American west

This girl finally got her ass out of Canada and started exploring some of the U S of A. I've been wanting to go to America for such a long time, and seeing as I live over that neck of the woods now I thought it would be stupid not to. America is a weird … Continue reading The best of the American west

Hashtag self-love

Apparently just like the seasons, we fall and bloom throughout the year so we shouldn't expect to shine bright like a diamond each minute of every single day (sorry to trash your lyrics RiRi). This knowledge is something that's helped me come to an understanding of why self-love holds such great importance when it comes to … Continue reading Hashtag self-love

The seriously anxious traveller

One of my biggest concerns when I started travelling was how my anxiety disorder would get in the way of the gigantic list of things that I wanted to see and do around the world. The prospect that it could stop me from making any of my dreams come true absolutely terrified me. How could … Continue reading The seriously anxious traveller